Enhanced Beacon Protection

By powering a beacon at maximum level mobs will no longer target you while you are within the radius of the beacon...

... but should you choose to attack a mob anyways it's sense of revenge will break through the artifact's protection.

This protection will also extend to villagers! 

Clock Time Passage

Hold right click (on air) while holding a clock to make time pass!


This is disabled by default.

Compass Player Tracker

By left clicking air while holding a compass you can view a menu of all online players. Clicking one of the players heads will make the compass point to the selected player.



This is disabled by default.

This feature currently has a negative interaction with EssentialsXChat. 

Block Conversions

Some blocks can be converted into others using alternative methods. 

Sand (and Red Sand) > Glass when right clicked with Flint and Steel

Cobblestone > Stone when right clicked with Flint and Steel

Glass Block > Glass Pane when right clicked with Shears

Portable Chest

Craft a backpack with the special recipe (left) and expand your inventory!

Usable by right clicking open air with a "backpack" in hand.